The Chaplins are a band from Katowice, Poland. The line-up of the group is Jacek Kafka (keyboard & saxophone), Wojciech Nedza (bass), David Gawlik (drums) and Bogdan Siminski (guitar).

The Chaplins combine classical cinema with live modern soundtracks, all of which are composed exclusively by the band, ranging from melodic harmonies, wild rhythms to floating melodies. The tracks are characterised with the perfectly synchronised interaction between the music and the images of the film. Through enthusiasm, musical creativity and good craft, a unique and unforgettable movie-concert is guaranteed.

Please check out the soundtrack section for all currently available soundtracks. Of course, The Chaplins can compose a soundtrack to any other movie upon request. Please use the contact form for more information and sign up to our mailing list for updates.


Jacek Kafka (keyboard & saxophone) is also a member of Gang Olsena, Orkiestra Meska & Nocno.

Wojciech Nedza (bass) is a full-time musician playing with Orkiestra Meska, Nocno and many other local projects.

Bogdan Siminski (guitar) is a member of Gang Olsena.

David Gawlik (drums) is a full-time musician playing with different projects ranging from Jazz to Hip Hop and Pop & Rock music in Poland, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Please visit for a full list of credits.


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